Welcome to The Human Hive

The Human Hive is a global network of ordinary people who work together to do extraordinary things.


The Human Hive isn’t a place or a program - it’s a way of being in the world that transforms aid into empowerment and enables people to stand on their own two feet again. We don’t simply give things away or do stuff for people we’ll likely never meet, we work WITH people, shoulder to shoulder, experiencing first hand the difference that our actions make.

In order to get from surviving to thriving people need to feel empowered. Empowerment only comes when we have the skills, knowledge and confidence we need to get to where we want to be on our own terms. Sometimes life makes that really hard. War, natural disaster & personal tragedy can turn a life upside down overnight. If unresolved we can carry the scars our whole lives, affecting everything we ever do and every relationship we ever have.

The Human Hive exists to make it easier for people to get through life’s challenges, no matter how big or small, by offering to work on them together until they feel more manageable.

Why You Should Join

The Human Hive is for anyone and everyone who wants to make a difference in the world - activists, volunteers, care workers and aid workers, teachers, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, artists, creators and helpers. We exist to empower anyone who wants to help others to be as effective and useful as possible in the actions they take - from individuals to whole organisations.

But we recognise that taking action can be challenging alone, so we're designing the Human Hive to contain everything you need to get started in your action, big or small - training, support, connections, advice, resources and fundraising.

And because everyone is different and has their own unique set of strengths, the Hive acts like a patchwork of skills, ideas and advice, ready to be delivered to the right person at the right time in the right way. Not everyone has the time to support others full time, but by acting together someone will always be available to fill in their own piece of the patchwork when help is needed.

About Us

We are Darren Abrahams and Kate McAllister, co-founders of the Human Hive. Kate has a background in education and Darren in therapy and the arts. We met in the summer of 2015 wanting to do something to respond to what was then described as “The Refugee Crisis”. We knew we had useful skills to offer, but weren’t sure how best to be helpful. After travelling to the Calais refugee camp known as the Jungle and speaking to people there about their needs, that first meeting grew into a year-long project working on the ground with refugees, transforming a double decker bus into a solar powered mobile school, developing a unique education system and training 60 teachers to work alongside us.

In 2017 we formed Crisis Classroom in order to take what we had learned to other places that needed emergency education and spent the next two years developing and refining the model with people from all over the world going through all kinds of life-challenges. We trained hundreds more volunteers from different backgrounds to start their own projects and reached a global audience of 8000 with our first online course. And in 2019, out of all that shared knowledge, experience and expertise, The Human Hive was born.

We're excited to meet you. Come inside and Join the Human Hive!